March 2, 2005, 8am PST
In classifying a whole host of occupations as "creative," our leading pop economist overstates the influence of urban professionals.
February 9, 2005, 10am PST
How the challenging realities of Mexico City shape the work of these architects, as well as how this new generation is combining improvisation with traditional building methods.
February 7, 2005, 12pm PST
In the inaugural Cradle-to-Cradle Home Design Competition, students answer the question, "How can you create sustainable, affordable urban housing?"
December 11, 2004, 5am PST
Lira Luis’s easy-to-assemble fiberglass kit of parts would make it possible for migrant seafarers in Manila to set up temporary living quarters between jobs.
December 1, 2004, 6am PST
Representatives from China's Ministry of Construction have announced an ambitious sustainable growth plan for the country.
November 11, 2004, 7am PST
A cable channel (no, not Disney) is filming a new reality TV show in which a design team will "reimagine, repaint, repair, and restore small towns" across the U.S.
November 3, 2004, 12pm PST
Design and architecture schools can be at the forefront of practicing environmental sustainability and social equity, says Metropolis's Susan S. Szenasy.
October 22, 2004, 12pm PDT
Art education teaches children to think three-dimensionally, to use their imaginations, and to connect to their communities, cultures, and place in the world.
October 6, 2004, 2pm PDT
WTC master planner Daniel Libeskind, memorial designer Michael Arad, and PATH station architect Santiago Calatrava attempt to “get beyond the rhetoric and confusion” that has plagued the WTC reconstruction process.
October 5, 2004, 8am PDT
Celebrated architect Rem Koolhaas weighs in about building in Europe vs. in the U.S. and other issues.
September 16, 2004, 6am PDT
Ed Mazria, a veteran of green design, on mitigating global warming through architecture.
August 11, 2004, 8am PDT
Despite terror threats, New York City keeps building.
July 29, 2004, 3pm PDT
What if a skyscraper’s outside wrapping could take a more active role in sustaining the building’s operational needs and engaging passers-by
June 25, 2004, 8am PDT
The longtime Chicago mayor has vowed to make his city the greenest in the nation.
June 4, 2004, 11am PDT
How the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) is trying to reverse this desertification of Owens Lake.
May 17, 2004, 8am PDT
Architecture firm wins award for a design to transform remnants from the Big Dig into sustainable housing.
May 13, 2004, 7am PDT
Do 'factory-like' subdivisions spell the end of the loft as a meaningul cultural symbol?
May 5, 2004, 11am PDT
The new Safeway store in downtown Portland has underground parking and apartments above.
March 17, 2004, 10am PST
In a conversation with landscape architect, Laurie Olin, a Metropolis Web editor learns about the nation's growing interest in "landscape security."
March 13, 2004, 9am PST
Four case studies (concert hall, classroom building, convention center and office building) examine how natural ventilation was achieved at varying scales and in different regional climates.