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Resource-Efficient Urban Planning Helps Achieve Economic, Social, and Environmental Goals

A new report shows that low-carbon development policies can help to achieve numerous planning goals including job creation, improved safety and public health, social inclusion, and improved accessibility.

July 3, 2018 - The Economic and Social Benefits of Low-Carbon Cities: A Systematic Review of the Evidence

Desert Farm

An Agrihood Takes Root in Palm Springs

Developer Freehold Communities is planning a suburban farming community in California's Sonora Desert.

October 26, 2017 - Mercury News


Two Simple Sentences Could Reshape Suburban America

A seemingly innocuous sentence embedded in almost every subdivision ordinance across the United States has disconnected neighborhoods and made cities unwalkable. Two sentences could change that.

October 3, 2017 - Modern Cities

Pending Massachusetts Zoning Code Bill Would 'Promote Sustainable Communities'

A Boston Globe editorial calls for the Massachusetts State Legislature to approve Bill H.4065 (An Act promoting the planning and development of sustainable communities).

June 3, 2014 - Boston Globe

A Community Built to be Green

The Vauban District in southern Germany is a small community built around a green transportation scheme, but it has become much more: a model of cooperative decision-making, sustainability and eco-planning.

February 5, 2011 - The Cereplast Blog

Sustainable Communities…What’s Missing?

<!--StartFragment--><p class="MsoNormal">As planners, we try to live the urban lifestyle, minimize our carbon footprint, and even grow our own vegetables.<span>  </span>I once saw a colleague wearing a button which read “Riding transit is sexy.” Lose the car, bike or walk to work. Hey, if you’re adventurous, you can even take the bus. But this is easier said than done. I’ve lived in New Haven, Boston, Philadelphia, and now Miami. And as every year passes, I find it more and more challenging to cling to my planning ideals.</p><p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p>

May 10, 2010 - Melissa Hege

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