March 2, 2009, 9am PST
The housing market has bombed, bringing prices and values to devastating lows. But despite lower prices, affordable housing is still in too short of supply, according to this piece from <em>Time</em>.
February 18, 2009, 1pm PST
President Barack Obama has announced a $75 billion plan to help counteract home foreclosures -- a move that aims to allow more than 9 million Americans to refinance their troubled mortgages.
The New York Times
February 17, 2009, 11am PST
Banks and financial institutions are making the foreclosure crisis worse, as lobbying efforts seek to block bankruptcy courts from gaining more power to reduce debt, according to this article from <em>Der Spiegel</em>.
Der Spiegel
February 7, 2009, 1pm PST
Ron Loveridge, the mayor of the Inland Empire's largest city, Riverside, details how regional and local leaders are working to recover from the effects of the foreclosure crisis.
The Planning Report
January 19, 2009, 7am PST
America's foreclosure crisis is taking a heavy toll on communities by diminishing tax bases, lowering school enrollments, and contributing to rising crime.
Color Lines
January 16, 2009, 12pm PST
The latest figures show that one out of every 54 households were in foreclosure in 2008; analysts expect millions more foreclosures in the coming year.
Foreclosures up a record 81% in 2008
January 16, 2009, 7am PST
New York City has announced plans to use $24 million in federal financing to repair and resell more than 100 foreclosed homes in the city.
The New York Times
December 18, 2008, 8am PST
Huntington Beach is one of a few cities that is weighing the option to purchase its own foreclosed properties, and eventually making them affordable housing.
Orange County Register
December 9, 2008, 12pm PST
Foreclosures are spreading across the country like a plague, and there's almost no place worse hit than Las Vegas.
November 30, 2008, 11am PST
Local and regional governments in Riverside County, California, have assembled a "Red Team" task force to mitigate the impacts of the foreclosure crisis in the fastest growing region in the state.
The Planning Report
November 3, 2008, 9am PST
The foreclosure scourge has moved its way into Oregon, causing some of the highest rates of loan defaults since the 1980s.
The Oregonian
October 13, 2008, 2pm PDT
As foreclosures spread throughout the suburbs, subdivisions are rapidly becoming modern-day ghost towns, according to this column from <em>The Seattle Times</em>.
The Seattle Times
October 6, 2008, 7am PDT
This video from <em>KCET</em> takes a look inside one of the formerly fastest-growing parts of the country as it grapples with a flood of foreclosures and abandoned properties.
October 2, 2008, 8am PDT
As their numbers increase, students from homeless families face a slew of new challenges to their education. Some families, this article reports, don’t even know that they still have a right to an education after losing their home.
September 29, 2008, 11am PDT
Thousands of Americans who have lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis may find themselves ineligible to vote in November.
The New York Times
September 21, 2008, 5am PDT
Foreclosures and economic hardships have caused a proliferation of tent cities across the U.S.
Associated Press
September 4, 2008, 2pm PDT
A foreclosed home in Lake Elsinore, CA has attracted some new residents- a family of bobcats.
The Press-Enterprise
August 23, 2008, 9am PDT
This article from <em>Developer</em> looks at five cities that are dealing creatively with their foreclosure and abandonment problems.
August 15, 2008, 6am PDT
Foreclosure-stricken cities and states are looking forward to receiving federal relief funding. Their plans for using the funding vary.
The Christian Science Monitor
August 14, 2008, 8am PDT
A foreclosed property in Detroit was recently put on the market at a selling price of just one dollar.
The Detroit News