Urban Fold

Build Your Own Paper Block City 

Everyone's an architect and planner with this construction and craft activity that promises endless creative fun and open play.

Hours of geometric and creative play!

Urban Fold is an all-inclusive kit that allows anyone to build the city of their dreams with a few simple folds. You punch out shapes, fold them into blocks, customize with stickers, build + play, put away, build + play again, etc.

  • Design your cityscape with modern patterns and colors
  • 13 famous city landmark recipes
  • 48 Punch-n-fold shapes
  • Customize like crazy with 697 cool stickers
  • Poster with easy to follow instructions and planning grid/mat
  • Display worthy storage box
  • No scissors or glue needed
  • And of course, unlimited fun and creativity.


Pieces range from 1.5" - 3"
Lo-Res Labs for Paper Punk
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