Essential Readings in Urban Planning

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The reader covers the following broad areas:

• History, Theory, and Law
• Plan Making and implementation
• Functional Areas of Practice
• Spatial Areas of Practice
• AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

Essential Readings in Urban Planning is the course reader for the online Planetizen AICP* Exam Preparation Course. Please note that the book is not required for this class.

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About Essential Readings in Urban Planning

The reader consists of assembled readings that are recommended by the American Planning Association and some which, in our opinion, represent the key knowledge necessary to become a certified planner. This new volume is a comprehensive, 650+ page, bound book that is the definitive collection of essential readings.

You’ll learn about significant historical decisions and theories that continue to impact cities today, like the City Beautiful movement at the turn of the 20th century and Le Corbusier’s proposed Radiant City. You’ll learn cutting edge practices in transportation, traffic and parking management, including a chapter from UCLA professor Donald A. Shoup’s theories on “the high cost of free parking.” And of course you’ll get a dose of Jane Jacobs’ incisive and biting commentary, words that sounded the death knell for thoughtless urban renewal and inspired a generation of thinkers to create walkable, vibrant cities.

With the creation of the volume, we are indebted to our course instructor, Jennifer Evans-Cowley, PhD, AICP, who has carefully curated these readings. Dr. Evans-Cowley has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners for the last eight years and is an Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning at the Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University.

We think you will enjoy this selection of readings. We are confident that throughout your career you will have occasion to return to these pages to refresh your memory, guide your practice, and inspire your actions.

Table of Contents


History, Theory, and Law

Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Twentieth Century, Chs. 7 and 9
By Peter Hall

The Birth of City Planning in the United States, 1840-1917, Chs. 4 and 12
By Jon A. Peterson

The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Ch. 1
By Jane Jacobs

Land Use in a Nutshell, Ch. 6
By Robert Wright

American City Planning Since 1890, Ch. 5
By Mel Scott

Plan Making and Implementation

State and Local Population Projections: Methodolgy and Analysis, Ch. 2
By Stanley K. Smith, Jeff Tayman, and David A. Swanson

Analysis with Local Census Data: Portraits of Change, Chs. 2, 3, and 12
By Dowell Myers

Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofi t Administration, Chs. 2 and 3
By Kenneth J. Meier, Jeffrey L. Brudney, and John Bohte

Functional Areas of Practice

Planning Policy and Politics: Smart Growth and the States, Chs. 1 and 7
By John DeGrove

The Transportation/Land Use Connection, Planning Advisory Service Report No. 546/547, Chs. 4 and 5
By Terry Moore, Paul Thorsnes, and Bruce Appleyard

The High Cost of Free Parking, Ch. 7
By Donald C. Shoup

Still Stuck in Traffic: Coping with Peak-Hour Traffic, Ch. 2
By Anthony Downs

Environmental Land Use Planning and Management, Chs. 2 and 3
By John Randolph

Equitable Approaches to Local Economic Development, Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 27, No. 1
By Norman Krumholz

The Basics of Social Research, Chs. 5 and 7
By Earl R. Babbie

The Deliberative Practitioner: Encouraging Participatory Processes, Chs. 7 and 8
By John Forester

Spatial Areas of Practice

Making Governments Plan: State Experiments in Managing Land Use, Ch. 1
By Raymond J. Burby and Peter J. May

Redesigning Cities: Principles, Practice, Implementation, Chs. 6, 7, 9 and 10
By Jonathan Barnett

Rural By Design: Maintaining Small Town Character, Ch. 14
By Randall Arendt

AICP* Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

American Institute of Certified Planners Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
By American Planning Association

Everyday Ethics for Practicing Planners, Ch. 3
By Carol D. Barrett


Essential Readings in Urban Planning (ISBN 978-1-60927-170-1) is published by Planetizen Press.

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