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Planetizen Courses is the leading provider of video courses for the urban planning and design community. Planetizen offers over 200 video courses to subscribers across the United States and around the world.

Planetizen is currently seeking a partner to collaborate to develop 3-4 one-hour courses on the topic of Virtual Reality in Urban Planning.

Course Description

Our goal is to develop a course the introduces the concept of virtual reality in planning, by explaining how it can be used, introducing the software and hardware tools used to create a VR model, and then creating a simplified VR model that can be experienced if you have the proper hardware. At least one example should include the use of Google Cardboard.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what is virtual reality.
  2. Understand the benefits of using virtual reality in planning.
  3. Understand the software tools required to create VR models.
  4. Understand the hardware tools required to use VR.
  5. Understand the process of creating VR models.
  6. Ability to create and publish a basic/simplified VR model.

Possible Course Outline

The following course outline is provided as an example of what we’re seeking. We are not suggesting that this be the course outline. We’re looking for our partner to propose the most appropriate course outline.

  • Course 1: Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • Course 2: Building the Model in Sketchup, VR Engine (Unity, Unreal, etc.)
  • Course 3: Introduction to VR Engine (Unity, Unreal, etc.)
  • Course 4: Refining and Packaging/Presenting the Model

Course Development Process

Planetizen Courses has a well-defined process for producing video courses. This process includes the following broad steps:

  1. Identify and prepare course outlines.
  2. Sign the Planetizen Courses contract.
  3. Participate in pre-production meeting #1 (video meeting).
  4. Prepare course slide deck, images, VR content.
  5. Participate in pre-production meeting #2 (video meeting).
  6. Refine course slide deck, images, VR content.
  7. Participate in pre-production meeting #3 to review production plan.
  8. Production in Planetizen’s video studio in Los Angeles, CA.
  9. Provide 10 multiple choice questions for each course.
  10. Provide practice files/source files for practice.
  11. Co-market course with Planetizen Courses.

Video Recording

The recording will be performed in Planetizen’s Los Angeles studio over 2 days. We’ll work with you to pick a convenient date that is also within our timeline.


  • Please propose an appropriate budget.
  • The partner will be prominently identified as an expert on the Planetizen Courses website.
  • Joint marketing of the course online and at upcoming conferences (such as the National Planning Conference April 13-16, 2019 in San Francisco, CA) is possible if the partner provides services to the urban planning community.


  • Please respond by Fri Nov 23 6 pm PT.
  • Video interviews conducted the week of Nov 26.
  • Partner selected Dec 3, 2018.
  • The courses must be complete by February 15, 2019, 60 days prior to the American Planning Association’s 2019 conference in San Francisco.


Should you be interested in collaborating with Planetizen Courses, kindly provide a brief proposal that should include the following components.

  1. A brief summary of your or your agency’s qualifications in the planning and/or VR field.
  2. Links to any relevant sample work.
  3. Resume for the proposed instructor(s).
  4. A 30-second video of proposed instructor(s) presenting (Video from an iPhone would be fine).
  5. A proposed brief course outline (1-2 pages).
  6. A proposed budget to create and deliver the 3-4x one-hour courses. Video recording, post-production, and the video studio are provided by Planetizen, and need not be included in your budget.

Please submit your proposal via email to Chris Steins, Planetizen, [email protected].


We’re always happy to chat with potential highly qualified agencies or instructors. If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss the project prior to submitting a proposal, please send a brief into email to Chris Steins, [email protected].

Published on:
November 5, 2018 - 10:36am
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