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Communities and forward thinking local leaders around the country are working to shape a more livable and sustainable future. They know the status quo won’t work. They are ready to take action, but changing the way we build our communities and economies is difficult work. The path forward isn’t clear. That’s why Community Builders exists. Our job is to help those leaders – city officials, developers, community activists, business leaders – build neighborhoods and communities that are healthier, more inclusive and more prosperous for the people who live there. 

We’re a fast-paced, mission-driven team working at the front lines of the movement to change how we build communities and economies. We’re looking for smart and passionate people who want to join us. It’s awesome work, but it’s not for everyone. We’re results-oriented and thrive on innovation and problem-solving. We build bridges and are driven to create meaningful change. 

If you want to shift how community and economic development is done, or design better and more inclusive ways to engage the public, or communicate innovative ideas and analysis, or work hand-in-hand with communities to build more livable places, we should talk. 


Community Builders (CB) is a nonprofit organization that helps local leaders build livable communities and sustainable economies in the American West. We are dedicated to empowering local leaders that are working to build more livable places. Emphasizing civic capacity and on the ground results, we provide research, training and assistance to advance three core strategies: strengthen local leadership, inspire community action, and enable on the ground change. Currently, our work is focused on driving progress in land use, transportation, economic development and housing. 


Community Builders is recruiting candidates to fill a critical leadership role in developing and executing our programs and initiatives. Dependent on skill and experience, this position may be filled either as a Program Director or Program Manager. This person will play a key role in the leadership and direction of the organization, including staff development and business strategy. 

Successful Program Directors and Managers are innovative and adaptive strategic thinkers, who can build and manage teams to create meaningful results. They engage in a variety of projects, from working directly with communities on complex planning and design projects, to leading research initiatives, to developing and facilitating intensive community leadership trainings. 

As we build our team, we seek dynamic and motivated individuals who want to create stronger, more livable communities in the American West. We look for people who are passionate about building better places and are driven to grow and succeed. We look for people who can work in a fast-paced, creative and collaborative work environment, where things change quickly and adaptability, creativity and problem-solving are critical. We seek people who are smart, proactive, collaborative, reliable and responsible. The ideal candidate will 

have a diverse skill set and the ability to manage a variety of different projects, from on-the-ground technical assistance to research projects. 

Effective project management skills are also critical as Program Directors and Managers regularly manage or oversee multiple complex projects. Candidates must also demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively both internally and with external partners. As we are often called on to help partners hash out difficult issues, candidates should demonstrate experience with community engagement and meeting facilitation. Finally, it’s critical that candidates demonstrate a sound understanding of what makes local communities and economies tick, from planning and placemaking to systems of governance to the dynamics that influence the economic and social well-being of communities. 


This is an exciting time at Community Builders. We are currently building on our core programs (technical assistance, training, research, communications) and initiatives (land use, economic development, transportation, housing) in order to play a more direct and substantive role in helping communities implement quality programs, policies and projects. In the near term, this is focused on creating capacity to help communities position themselves to take advantage of investment in Opportunity Zones. It also includes the ongoing development of an implementation / development arm of the organization that will be used to play a more direct role in helping communities implement the projects that result from our assistance. Additionally, we are working to expand our research and communication capacities, with a focus on using creative media and storytelling to help explain important yet complicated community trends and issues. The ideal candidate will bring leadership and experience to one or more of these growing areas of the organization and if hired, will have the opportunity to shape their execution. 


  • Minimum of four-years of relevant professional experience, ideally in a fast-paced company, social enterprise, nonprofit or forward-thinking public agency. 
  • Graduate Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Public Administration, Community Development, Economics, or a related field, or an MBA in Real Estate Development and Management. 
  • A strong work ethic and desire to grow personally and professionally. 
  • Ability to innovate, problem-solve and adapt to change and complexity. 
  • Strong technical and practical understanding of urban planning and design principles. 
  • Experience with public engagement and community outreach, including facilitation. 
  • Understanding of and experience with implementing current community-level economic development and revitalization strategies. 
  • Proven track record of project management on substantial and varied projects. 
  • Keen understanding of the practices, policies and customs of local planning and governance. 
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to take complex subjects and make them understandable and engaging in written, visual and oral formats. 
  • High attention to detail and organization. 
  • Ability to work as a cohesive team member with a small group of highly skilled professionals to achieve outstanding outcomes for western communities. 
  • Ability to travel, as required, to various communities throughout the western U.S. 
  • Appreciation of complexity. Comfort with ambiguity. A sense of humor. 


The Program Director/Manager is a full-time position based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The management level at which the position will be filled is dependent on the ideal candidate’s experience and will be assessed through the hiring process. Community Builders offers competitive salary and benefits as well as exceptional professional development opportunities. To learn more about us, visit us at Explore our publications, blogs and research and check out our projects. 


Please submit a cover letter and resume to with the subject line: “Program Director/Manager.” 

References: Though they are not required at the time of submittal, we will ask for references for any applicants that we consider for the position. We will notify applicants before calling any references and will not contact current employers without permission. 

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and accepted. Interviews will be scheduled with potential candidates until the position is filled. 

Published on:
July 23, 2018 - 1:35pm
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