New York City sidewalk with outdoor dining patio with black and white striped umbrellas and black barriers protecting diners from traffic


The Slow Retreat of Pandemic-Era Outdoor Dining Programs Continues

It’s been almost three years since the political dynamics of outdoor dining in the United States shifted, suddenly and overwhelmingly. Increasingly, the status quo is being restored.

March 1 - James Brasuell

Black and white photo of Pike Place Market entrance in Seattle with "PUBLIC MARKET" and "Meet the producer" signs


A Chatbot Talks Regeneration and Recovery for Seattle

In his recent analysis of trends to watch for 2023, Managing Editor James Brasuell noted how ChatGPT might replace all the writers of Planetizen, and more. Chuck Wolfe decided to take literally Brasuell's “don't let it sneak up on you” admonition.

February 28 - Charles R. Wolfe



Land Use Reform Picks Up Momentum in Connecticut Again

Multiple statewide land use reform proposals are up for debate in the Nutmeg State. Which, if any, will become law?

February 27 - Mark H. McNulty

Rural Traffic


Should We Continue to Ignore Induced Vehicle Travel Costs?

A recent Planetizen blog claims that urban highway expansions reduce traffic congestion and benefit everyone. That must be a joke! Most planners now recognize that such projects tend to be economically wasteful and contradict community goals.

February 26 - Todd Litman

Greenwich Village street with red brick buildings with green awnings and businesses on first floor


Livable Streets, Revisited

The updated version of Donald Appleyard’s 1982 book Livable Streets, written by Appleyard's son, dives even deeper into the ‘ecology of the street,’ proposing actionable solutions for the conflicts and problems facing urban environments today.

February 26 - Bruce Appleyard

Washington Square Park, New York City


Reshaping Cities for Present-Day Populations

The demographic changes of the last few years give city planners and urban designers an opportunity to reimagine how public spaces can most effectively promote public health, wellbeing, and equity.

February 23 - Douglas C. Smith

View of blurry speeding cars on freeway at sunset


Opinion: Induced Travel Demand Induces Media Attention

Induced demand is a popular concept among urbanists, but does its pervasiveness obscure the true costs of mobility?

February 22 - Steven Polzin

A button to start a car reads “2023 Start”


Planning Trends to Watch in 2023

The days and weeks since the arrival of Covid-19 have been filled with so much noise about the future, it’s been difficult to distinguish between big stories and frivolous distractions. Planetizen is here to help.

February 21 - James Brasuell

MacDougal Street


Jane Jacobs and Zoning

Does the work of Jane Jacobs support restrictive zoning?

February 21 - Michael Lewyn

Waterfront walkway with benches and Detroit skyline in the background


Shaping a 15-Minute City Vision for Detroit and Cleveland Using Data-Assisted Modeling

How master plans in the two cities hope to transform their historic, and historically underutilized, waterfronts.

February 19 - Trevor McIntyre

Crosswalk leading to sidewalk and blank construction wall with pedestrian crossing light


The Responsibility of the Building to the Street

Structural engineers are responsible for ensuring that buildings do not fall over. Mechanical engineers must ensure that people inside can breathe. But what responsibility do building designers have to the street outside?

February 16 - Tristan Cleveland

Three planners or architects standing over a model of buildings and greenery and discussing


How to Build an Urban Planning Consulting Business

Urban planners seeking independence through consultancy have an equal likelihood of success as a longstanding business. Here's how to get started.

February 14 - Devin Partida

View from behind young girl student wearing headphones and raising her hand as she attends online class with dark-haired female teacher on laptop in front of her


Learning Loss and Urban Schools

Did urban students lose ground academically because of COVID? Yes, but no more so than suburbanites.

February 1 - Michael Lewyn

A map of the planned route of the Omaha Streetcar, as of January 2023.


Warren Buffett, Streetcar Skeptic

Warren Buffett, bus service supporter?

January 31 - James Brasuell

Chicago Commute


The Right to Mobility

As we consider how to decarbonize transportation, preserving mobility, especially for lower- and middle-income people, must be a priority.

January 26 - Angie Schmitt



Redesigning Streets for Livability: A Global View

An excerpt from the introduction of the recent book, “Streets For All: 50 Strategies for Shaping Resilient Cities,” edited by Vinayak Bharne and Shyam Khandekar.

January 18 - Vinayak Bharne

Streetscape in Chinatown, Washington, D.C.


Density as a Scapegoat

Does compact development cause higher rents? No.

January 17 - Michael Lewyn

Close-up of black elevator panel qith square white buttons missing 13th floor, person pushing floor 9


The Missing 13th Floor: How Ancient Fears Influence Modern Architecture

If you’ve ever looked closely at the elevator panel of a high-rise hotel or residential building, you’ve likely noticed something missing: a button for the 13th floor.

January 13 - Diana Ionescu

Parked electric scooters on a sidewalk with person walking bike in the background


Small Modes Are Beautiful!

Active modes (walking, bicycling and their variants) and micromodes (e-bikes and e-scooters) can provide large climate emission reductions and other important benefits, if we let them. Small modes are important but often undercounted and undervalued.

January 13 - Todd Litman

Green roof in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Prioritizing Climate Change in Planning Projects

What should urban planners reconsider when engaging in sustainable development?

January 10 - Devin Partida

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