Walkable street in Southern Village in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


A ‘New Urbanism’ Travelogue

I visited three New Urbanist developments in North Carolina. Here's what I liked, what I didn't like, and what I learned.

June 16 - Michael Lewyn

Illustration of nighttime city with white lines connecting nodes to illustrate technology and connectivity


Leveraging Blockchain Tech to Build Smart Cities

Blockchain is far from exclusive to cryptocurrency. Smart cities have a lot to gain from the technology and can thrive with its application.

June 15 - Devin Partida

Urban sidewalk shaded by large mature trees


Cool Walkability Planning

Shadeways (covered sidewalks) and pedways (enclosed, climate controlled walkways) can provide comfortable walkability in hot climates. The Cool Walkshed Index can help plan these facilities.

June 1 - Todd Litman

Looking up at giant sequoias in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park at sunrise with sun's rays coming through trees


Public Lands in the United States, Part One: “Redeemed From Wilderness”

This is part one in a blog series examining the history of public lands in the United States and their shifting role in the American psyche.

May 31 - Diana Ionescu

A person’s thumb hovers over the Twitter app on a smart phone.


Is Twitter Still an Effective Planning Tool?

Twitter has been a daily dose of drama and upheaval ever since Elon Musk offered to pay over $40 billion to buy the social media platform. Media outlets and public transit agencies had been abandoning the social media platform—should planners?

May 18 - James Brasuell

Pastoral landscape painting by Thomas Cole depicting pre-colonized idyllic scene


Planning for a Post-Climate World

A series of 19th century paintings that illustrates the rise and fall of empire highlights the limits of growth.

May 17 - Gabriel A. Ramos AICP

Dark shot of people dancing in front of bar with red and blue atmospheric lights


New York City's Dancing Prohibition Remains a Barrier to Entry, Equality

New York’s 1960s-era zoning code still prohibits dancing in small bars and restaurants in more than 80 percent of the city, but Mayor Eric Adams and advocates want to change that.

May 16 - Mark H. McNulty

Monotone photo of man waiting on subway platform with blurry train passing by and other passengers walking by


How Can Urban Planning Address the ‘Loneliness Epidemic’?

The U.S. Surgeon General is sounding the alarm about the health effects of isolation. Planners have a role to play in rebuilding our “social infrastructure.”

May 14 - Angie Schmitt

Black and white photo of two young boys standing on a hill overlooking the Frederick Douglass housing project in Anacostia, D.C.


Most Influential Urbanists: Call for Nominees

Change doesn’t happen accidentally. Who are the people shaping cities and communities through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond?

May 11 - Planetizen

Boxes stacked on an orange cart in a large warehouse with racks in background


How Is Supply Chain Expansion Impacting Urban Development?

Supply chain expansion can have specific impacts on urban development as people move to metropolitan areas and require more involved participation at all levels of the supply chain.

May 10 - Devin Partida

A bike rider navigates a bike lane in a traffic limited zone in Italy, where only one delivery van is visible on the street.


A Toolkit of Urban Vehicle Access Regulations to Improve Livability

You may have heard Paris is implementing traffic restrictions, but did you know that Paris is very late to the party? European cities, big and small, have been implementing measures to keep traffic from destroying urban quality of life for decades.

May 8 - World Transport Policy and Practice

Clse-up of "Just Say No To Over Development" yard sign on green lawn


Thinking About Right-NIMBYism

Some conservatives oppose new housing on the ground that exclusion will “save” their neighborhoods from poor people. Is there any response to these arguments?

May 5 - Michael Lewyn

Wheelchair ramp at outdoor train station


ADA Compliance Slowly Makes Headway

Decades of advocacy are paying off, but it often takes legal action to force cities to make accessibility improvements mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act over thirty years ago.

May 4 - Diana Ionescu

 Old sugar factory in Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York


Bitter Irony Behind Brooklyn’s Sweet Domino Sugar Sign

A new feature on the Brooklyn waterfront is a reminder that Domino Sugar has made several unsavory appearances in the history of Puerto Rican communities.

May 2 - Mark H. McNulty



Essay: Will America Ever Change its Urban Patterns?

If there has ever been a good time to change our urban patterns, the time is now.

April 30 - Marcelo Remond

A series of screengrabs illustrating the functionality of Google Maps.


Recommended Mobile Apps for Urban Planning in 2023

Planetizen's annual list of top apps for planners is back, ten years after its first appearance on the site. Scores of apps have been recommended by planners as examples of planning in action, or tools for planning action.

April 27 - James Brasuell

Diagram of a roundabout and site photos laid out on a desk


Transportation Agencies: Improve Your Models or Hire More Lawyers

Transportation models are biased in ways that result in inefficient, unfair and environmentally harmful planning decisions. Improve your analysis or prepare to be sued.

April 26 - Todd Litman

Restored white two-story historic home with black trim in Roanoke, Virginia


Restoring the Vacant Middle: Creating Middle Housing Through Historic Preservation

How flexible zoning in historic districts can support preservation and create affordable housing.

April 24 - Maribeth Mills

Aerial view of sprawling commercial development with parts still under construction and parking lot in Goodyear, Arizona


The Tragedy of Parking

Parking minimums and other zoning laws have made American cities untenable for any other type of transportation. It’s time we find a new way to zone our cities.

April 23 - Eric Carlson

A sign reads “State Fishery Area Public Easement Open to Fishing.” In the background is a stream surrounded by snow on the ground in a natural setting.


What Is an Easement?

There are limits to the rights and powers associated with land ownership. Easements are a critical example of how property rights can be balanced with the needs of neighbors, the public, and other interests external to the control of property owners.

April 17 - James Brasuell

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