APA California Releases New Conference Session Videos

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Immediate CM Credit Opportunities Available

This year’s APA California Chapter Conference in San Diego was a great success and we’d like to share a small slice of the educational experience with all APA members. Please accept our invitation to view and enjoy, at your own pace, any of twelve new 2018 conference session videos covering some of the most trending topics in planning today.
All videos offer high quality audio, views of speakers, PowerPoints, audience Q&A and full CM credits. Previews of all recorded sessions are accessible from the APA California website link above. You can also access previews from the APA California Youtube Channel. Under “Playlists” select “Currently Available for CM Credits.” Registration links are located in the YouTube descriptions and on the APA California website. Registration is required before reporting CM credits.

Most videos have a California focus but many involve planning themes applicable throughout the country. Examples include: Development without Displacement, Regional Planning from the Public Health Lens, Short-Term Rentals (Airbnb) and the Sharing Economy, Deliberate Moves to Turn Around Suburban Shopping Centers, Disaster Recovery on the Planning Side, and Shaping a Comprehensive and Effective Cannabis Policy.

The videos are truly engaging—the closest experience you can have without being at the conference. Enjoy them on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wherever you go. But don’t overlook the large screen experience! Chromecasting enhances the live feel. Discounts are available for group showings.

See for yourself now with this video clip from: Short-Term Rentals and the Sharing Economy: How Airbnb is Reshaping Communities

For questions regarding the videos or the registration process please contact Greg Konar, AICP, APA California, Distance Education Coordinator at gregok@cox.net or 619-840-5601.

Published on:
November 26, 2018 - 5:13pm
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