Obama's Infrastructure Spending Could be a "Tragic Waste", Says Kunstler

James Kunstler believes that President-Elect Obama's bid to boost the economy through repairing infrastructure could be more usefully spent on rail and harbors.
December 11, 2008, 12pm PST | Michael Dudley
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"President-elect Obama has announced his intention to kick off a massive 'stimulation' program when he hits the White House 'running' in January. Early indications are that it will be directed at things like highway repair. If so, we will be investing long-term in infrastructure that we probably won't be using the same way in ten years.

Stimulus aimed at perpetuating mass motoring will be a tragic waste of our dwindling resources. We'd be better off aiming it at fixing the railroads (especially electrifying them), refitting our harbors with piers and warehouses in preparation to move more stuff by boats, and in repairing the electric grid. Unfortunately, our tendency will be to try to rescue the totemic touchstones of everyday life, things familiar and comfortable, regardless of whether they have a future or not.

Mr. Obama would be most successful if he could persuade the public how much more severe the required changes are than they currently realize, and inspire them to get with program of retrofitting American life to comply with these realities."

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Published on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 in James Kunstler's Blog
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