The President and Population Growth

Neal Pierce of returns to the population issue, this time addressing U.S. federal foreign and domestic policies regarding the issue.
October 4, 2008, 5am PDT | ulrichst
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"Consider what a proactive U.S. global family planning effort might achieve:

+ By moderating population growth, there'd be some lessening of catastrophic food and water shortages afflicting less developed nations.

+ Global warming dangers wouldn't rise quite so rapidly.

+ The rights and life prospects of literally millions of women around the globe might be enhanced.

+ Significant worldwide totals of abortions and infant deaths could be avoided.

+ Democracy and stability would be promoted worldwide as fewer nations faced the turmoil easily triggered by high birth rates creating population "bumps" of poor and resentful youth.

+ And with a clear, unequivocal U.S. lead, other countries and the United Nations might expand their international family planning assistance."

Thanks to Scott Ulrich

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