California Voters Show Support for Redevelopment

<p>Election Day provided a big boost for proponents of redevelopment in California. A statewide measure to restrict use of eminent domain lost badly, while voters in San Francisco and Napa County showed support for redevelopment projects.</p>
June 4, 2008, 1pm PDT | Paul Shigley
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"Voters' rejection of Proposition 98 on the statewide ballot marked the second time that property rights advocates have failed to capitalize on public backlash to the U.S. Supreme Court's 2005 Kelo decision upholding the use of eminent domain for economic purposes."

"While the 2006 vote on Proposition 90 was close, Tuesday's voting on Proposition 98 was not, as the measure received only 39% support. Instead, a modest alternative backed by the League of California Cities and the California Redevelopment Association - Proposition 99 - won with 62.5% of the vote. Proposition 99 bars the taking of owner-occupied homes for economic development projects."

Meanwhile, voters in San Francisco endorsed a 700-acre redevelopment project that promises up to 10,000 housing units, 2 million square feet of office space and possibly a new football stadium.

In Napa County, voters rejected a slow-growth initiative aimed at crippling reuse of an old industrial site along the Napa River.

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Published on Wednesday, June 4, 2008 in California Planning & Development Report
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