Retail Incubation Growing In Downtowns

<p>'Retail incubation' is finding footing in New Jersey and nationally as a downtown revitalization tool.</p>
November 19, 2007, 10am PST | charlesdaprix
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Downtowns across the country are attempting to find new and creative revitalization programs. Growing new retailers, or incubating them, is a fast-growing trend in that arena. Newton, New Jersey is attempting the process--and the article sites other cities where it has worked and has not. For example: Cedar Rapids, Portland, Michigan.

"Bringing in new entrepreneurs to help develop their businesses, and then get them out door to go off on their own. That's the idea behind one of the latest initiatives to revitalize downtown Newton--the business incubator."

"From Iowa to Michigan, retail business incubators have seen varying levels of success as the antidote to downtown business woes."

This piece brings to the fore a growing trend and a tool that can be utilized by many downtowns, while making known the attendant problems inherent with the concept.

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Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 in New Jersey Herald
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