Planner Malpractice?

Amanda Thompson, planning director of Decatur, GA, suggests that it is a good thing there isn't such a thing as "designer malpractice" or planners would be sued for the horrible impact their work has had on the public health.
November 17, 2010, 2pm PST | Hazel Borys
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Thompson writes:

"I'd like to suggest that if there was such a thing as designer malpractice we would be in a lot of trouble right now. We have created a land use and transportation system that actually prevents a healthy lifestyle. Ironic, considering the preamble of most zoning ordinances indicates a goal of promoting the "health, safety and general welfare" of the inhabitants of a city. Back in the 1900's we were arm in arm with our friends in public health fighting infectious diseases-separating land uses, establishing systems to clean water and get our waste carried away-but somewhere along the way we transformed into little worker cogs focused on specific issues like the perfect bridge design or the exact number of malaria cases."

Thompson calls for planners to create places that "celebrate our human nature" and encourage activity in public places.

Thanks to Hazel Borys

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Published on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 in PlaceShakers
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