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Planning Accreditation Board seeks public comments on proposed new accreditation standards

The PAB is proposing a substantial revision of the standards and criteria for accreditation of university planning programs.  A public comment period on the proposal has just opened and lasts through 15 December.  Here's what PAB says about the changes:

"PAB is pleased to introduce a comprehensive revision of its accreditation standards and criteria. The goals of the change process include:

US Planning Isolationism

Recently, the new Journal of the American Planning Association editor Randall Crane circulated a message to US planning academics in which he asked for new submissions:

"A reminder that JAPA is interested in your best work in any aspect of planning scholarship -- quantitative or qualitative, foreign or domestic -- that informs practice.  We would particularly like to broaden subject content over the next few years." 

Temple Uni urban studies prof Ben Kohl replied: "For years I have wished that JAPA would show some interest in the lessons that ‘foreign’ planners and planning experience might have to offer.

The Studio: University-Community Partnerships in Microsize

I had the pleasure of attending two studio final presentations at the Georgia Tech planning program this month: the Lindbergh/Lavista Community studio and the Friendship Village studio.  I'm hardly a neutral observer: I chair the program; but I'm new here and really didn't know what to expect.  I came away refreshed at the insights of the students and enthused at way the university partners with communities to advance good planning.