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An intrepid developer has combined the powers of OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, and Spotify to map 7,681 songs about 212 cities across the globe.
Mar 21, 2015   The Washington Post - Wonkblog
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How often does music transport you back to a specific place and time? How often has music, at the right moment and in the right place, heightened your senses and awareness of your surroundings? Blog Post
Dec 24, 2014   By James Brasuell
  Musician David Byrne, formerly the leader of theband Talking Heads and now an advocate of bike-friendly urban planning, remarked in a recent interview : Blog Post
Dec 9, 2010   By Abhijeet Chavan
I've always hated songs about cities, particularly mawkish anthems like "New York, New York," "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," and the ghastly "I Love L.A." Lyricists seem to dream them up when there's nothing else to sing about. Indeed, cities are the setting for life, not the object of it. Blog Post
Feb 2, 2008   By Josh Stephens