Traditional Neighborhood Development

Meeting the needs of aging residents has been a challenge for many cities. Some suburban communities are pioneering the conversion to an elder-friendly layout.
Sep 22, 2009   The Wall Street Journal takes a look at Plum Creek, a New Urbanist development outside Austin, TX that added 1,400 households to a town that had only 4,000 people in the mid-1990s.
Jan 14, 2009 A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments
Cities around the country are beginning to think twice about having off-street parking requirements for every new development. Those who oppose these "parking minimums" say that it creates too much parking and stifles the growth of cities.
Sep 24, 2008   MSNBC
New TNDs are springing up all around Houston, including three new projects designed by Andres Duany.
Sep 9, 2008   The Houston Chronicle
When I opened my email this morning I was delighted to see that the City of Flagstaff unanimously approved a SmartCode based TND ordinance. Blog Post
Nov 29, 2007   By Mike Lydon