Interdisciplinary Planning

In an illustrated essay, Chuck Wolfe contrasts the ideal form of the New England town with an abandoned French village, calling out the human infrastructure essential to successful urban places.
Oct 8, 2013   myurbanist
This essay from <em>Urban Omnibus</em> calls for greater collaboration in urban design -- both amongst designers and architects, and with the surrounding community.
Dec 30, 2009   Urban Omnibus
The White House is setting forth on its long-planned mission to craft a federal urban policy program. The effort kicks off with a daylong conference today.
Jul 13, 2009   The Washington Post
With interdepartmental cooperation blossoming within the Obama administration, Neal Peirce wonders how things will shake down when policies hit metropolitan regions -- and the municipal borders that can impede and confuse policy.
Jun 29, 2009   Citiwire
As America's metropolitan areas meld into "megaregions", officials and policymakers will need to figure out how to deal with their shared and growing infrastructure problems. Consider the ball rolling. Exclusive
Jun 25, 2009  By Nate Berg
In this testimonial to Congress, the Brookings Institution's Robert Puentes argues that housing and transportation are irreversibly linked and that, in the face of the current recession, more integrated planning is needed.
Mar 29, 2009   Brookings