According to James A. Bacon, "Smart growth is too important to leave to liberals." In a new essay, he argues that "Conservatives must articulate their own vision for creating prosperous, livable and fiscally sustainable communities."
Jun 4, 2012   Bacon's Rebellion
"Cash for Clunkers" was upside-down and wrong-headed, rewarding bad behavior rather than punishing it, says Libertarian Richard A. Epstein.
Oct 26, 2009   Forbes
Ryan Avent at Streetsblog calls Randal O'Toole's anti-transit arguments "transparently foolish."
Jun 3, 2009   Streetsblog
Bill Fulton thinks so, calling them to task for speaking out against density in Orange County when, he says, the market demand is evident.
Oct 19, 2008   California Planning & Development Report
Last year California was one of the states targeted by libertarians in the post-Kelo environment for an initiative that, if successful, would essentially outlaw takings. Blog Post
Nov 18, 2007   By Lisa Feldstein