Anti-Smart Growth

Years ago, when I was researching my thesis concerning city planning thought in the 1940s and 50s, I came across an article from an American planning journal, which stated that "everyone is in favor of fast and efficient freeways" – the epitome of prevailing orthodoxy in an era of Blog Post
Oct 15, 2012   By Michael Dudley
It is well-known in planning circles that Smart Growth has come under attack by (mostly libertarian) think tanks and pundits hostile to any form of urban planning that doesn't leave land use decisions up to the "magic" of the free market. While their reports may get a Blog Post
Jan 27, 2010   By Michael Dudley
In the wake of his appearance on Capitol Hill, The New York Times delves into what makes Randal O'Toole tick.
Jul 17, 2009   The New York Times
The Heritage Foundation decries Obama's anti-sprawl policies, claiming that smart growth strategies have only managed to raise housing prices around the country.
Mar 6, 2009   The Heritage Foundation