Office of Urban Affairs

The White House Office of Urban Affairs is officially in action, but the creation of urban policy seems to have started on its own, according to this column form Neal Peirce.
Aug 9, 2009   Citiwire
Adolfo Carrión, Jr., Director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs, reports from a tour he's taking to spur a national conversation about the role cities and metropolitan areas should take in national policy.
Aug 4, 2009   The White House blog
Via the White House, here are the President's opening remarks at yesterday's roundtable discussions with the Office of Urban Affairs and the Domestic Policy Council. He highlighted success stories in Denver, Kansas City, and Philadelphia.
Jul 14, 2009
Dealing with abandoned and foreclosed properties should be high on the list of priorities for the new White House Office of Urban Affairs, says Justin Hollander, assistant professor at Tufts.
May 26, 2009   American City & County Magazine
During the campaign, Obama promised U.S. mayors that he'd create an Office of Urban Policy. But indications so far are that the office is facing a significant downgrade, writes Dayo Olopade.
Apr 29, 2009   The Root
This piece from Robert E. Lang and Lawrence Levy calls for President Barack Obama to include suburban voices in his administration's policy discussions about urban issues.
Mar 23, 2009   Citiwire
Neal Peirce looks at the daunting challenges facing the new White House Office of Urban Affairs.
Mar 22, 2009   Citiwire
This piece from <em>The New York Times</em> looks at the career and experience of Adolfo Carrion, the new director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs.
Mar 3, 2009   The New York Times