Stimulus Bill

Andrea Bernstein traces how, in four short years, partisan politics have infected discussions about investment in infrastructure.
Sep 25, 2012   Transportation Nation
Have high-speed rail stimulus funds put us any closer to technology like mag-lev? A long record of underfunding makes many of such projects shovel-unready, but hopes are still high.
Mar 19, 2009   Miller-McCune
Amtrak's list of projects that will get stimulus funding is just about finalized, but this financial boost is just the beginning. Three rail experts weigh in on how the initial $1.3 billion in grants will get spent, and how else the agency can use the money to achieve self-reliance. Exclusive
Mar 19, 2009  By Judy Chang
The New York Times reports that the renewable energy industry is hurting badly in this recession. Lack of available credit is the main reason, and while the stimulus bill may help, it will not be the solution.
Feb 9, 2009   The New York Times