Cities like London are losing their creative edge because the small music venues that foster it are being pushed out.
Sep 17, 2015   The Guardian
Jim Rendon has some inventive suggestions for those priced out of the most beloved and exclusive neighborhoods in New York.
Jan 31, 2012   The New York Times
Is it justified to believe that a proposed SoHo business improvement district, widely embraced elsewhere in the city, would only attract more hordes of visitors and non-residents? Proponents say that residents are fear-mongering.
Jan 30, 2012   The New York Times
Elizabeth Currid-Halkett examins the viability of arts driven urban revitalization and finds that the strongest predictor of success is the nature of the art being produced and exhibited in the neighborhood.
Nov 7, 2011   The New York Times
In his critique of "Urban Code: 100 Lessons for Understanding the City," San Francisco Chronicle Columnist John King says how the book's formula for a city doesn't do justice to its authenticity.
Sep 28, 2011   San Francisco Chronicle
WCPN reporter interviews a commuter who is annoyed by a plan to make her commute longer - but it becomes clear that the suburbanite's faster commute is at the expense of an urban neighborhood.
Mar 23, 2011   NPR
Blog Post
May 14, 2009   By Ian Sacs
City planners are rezoning an area of the Bronx known for auto shops and storage units to try to create a new bustling neighborhood like SoHo.
Feb 9, 2009   The Daily News