Cash for Clunkers

A new study says that the bump in sales brought on by the Cash for Clunkers program was immediately followed by an equal plunge in sales, effectively wiping out the economic benefit.
Sep 5, 2010   NPR
Ford Motor Co. is reporting almost $1b in profits in the third quarter. CEO Alan Mulally credits the Cash for Clunkers program and cost cutting for their success.
Nov 2, 2009   The Los Angeles Times
The economy is up 3.5% in the 3rd quarter, thanks in large part to government subsidies for car and home buying. Otherwise, the impact of the stimulus has been muted, says The Washington Times.
Nov 1, 2009   The Washington Times
"Cash for Clunkers" was upside-down and wrong-headed, rewarding bad behavior rather than punishing it, says Libertarian Richard A. Epstein.
Oct 26, 2009   Forbes
For political, technological, and even demographic as well as economic reasons, don't expect American oil consumption to increase over 2007 levels. $3 gas is here to stay, and the days of the petrol-gulping SUVs and guzzlers may be numbered.
Sep 8, 2009   Barrons
It didn't last long: one month to be precise. The American public ate through the $3 billion stimulus program for purchasing new, efficient cars and trucks as fast as they could qualify their older gas guzzlers for the $3,500 and $4,500 credits.
Aug 22, 2009   AP via ABC News
While much attention has been lavished on fuel sippers like the Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, and Honda Insight as the most popular models purchased with CARS.Gov credits, it turns out there is another list showing SUVs and trucks in the top ten.
Aug 19, 2009   Sacramento Bee
With not a moment to spare, the Senate passed the House-approved version of the Clunkers program extension - an additional $2 billion to last to Labor Day, and then went into recess. Any changes would have ended the program.
Aug 10, 2009   The New York Times - Business
The Center for Public Integrity runs the numbers, and finds that Americans are cashing in on "Cash for Clunkers" at a rate of $77 million a day, vs. $39 million for the first-time homebuyer credit.
Aug 10, 2009   Center for Public Integrity
The Cash For Clunkers Program or CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) received a major vote of confidence on July 31 when the House overwhelmingly voted to inject $2 billion into the enormously popular program.
Aug 1, 2009   The New York Times - Business
The Fed's "Cash For Clunkers" program, which set aside funds to give people an incentive to trade in old polluting cars for newer models, is already reportedly running out of money. (VIDEO)
Jul 31, 2009   ABC