Form-Based Codes

Buffalo is nearing the finish line in an efforts to draft a new form-based code.
Jun 17, 2014   Congress for the New Urbanism
Citywide form-based codes are gaining in popularity, with Miami's recently implemented code and a new code in Denver. But some architects worry about if and how these new codes will impact their work and the look of their cities.
Jul 20, 2010   Architect
Five years in the works, Denver's new zoning code has been introduced. The form-based code now faces a period of public input before its expected approval.
May 27, 2010   The Denver Daily News
There are nearly 300 form-based codes either enacted or in development across North America. <em>New Urban News</em> takes a look at the rising trend.
May 5, 2010   New Urban News
Denver is seeking to revise its zoning, shifting to a form-based code that more precisely dictates what type of buildings go where and what they should look like.
Aug 24, 2009   Architectural Record
Zoning is often portrayed as the great evil of city planning, but Les Pollock of Camiros argues that we shouldn't dismiss the power of zoning to create great communities. Exclusive
Aug 13, 2009  By Leslie S. Pollock, FAICP
In a surprising turn of opinion, Miami commissioners voted against the city's long-planned form-based code, Miami 21.
Aug 7, 2009   The Miami Herald
The Miami Herald looks at the redevelopment of Biscayne Boulevard, which was unofficially accomplished using the still proposed Miami 21 zoning regulations, and wonders if all of the city's corridors could redevelop in such a manner.
Aug 6, 2009   Miami Herald
After more than four years of public meetings, new drafts, extensive revisions, debate, and controversy, Miami 21 is finally scheduled for its first Opinion
Aug 2, 2009   By Mike Lydon
Don Elliott, author of <em>A Better Way to Zone,</em> argues that dynamic zoning regulations can help cities grow appropriately and avoid bottlenecks to good development. Exclusive
Feb 2, 2009  By Don Elliott