Interstate Highway System

While tolling will not fill the Highway Trust Fund gap, it can finance improvements for specific interstate highways that would otherwise be funded by a sustainable trust fund, not one approaching insolvency. Why not allow states the option to toll?
Apr 7, 2014   The New York Times - U.S.
This editorial from Karrie Jacobs suggests that we can find smarter uses for the interstate highway system.
Nov 12, 2009   The New York Times
Light rail is seen as a golden opportunity to revive inner cities. Not so fast, argues Alan Hoffman.
Jul 13, 2009   Citiwire
The Highway Act of 1956 that resulted in the construction of America's Interstate Highway system has gathered a lot of praise recently as a model economy-boosting public works project. But based on the problems it's caused, that praise should stop.
Mar 5, 2009   Financial Times