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A federal court recently found that the Wisconsin DOT exaggerated traffic projections to justify a highway widening project. Blog Post
Jun 2, 2015   By Todd Litman
In April 2008, the NYS Assembly rejected NYC Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing proposal for Manhattan. A subsequent attempt to toll the free East & Harlem River bridges also failed. Bruce Schaller (NYC-DOT), involved in both efforts explains why
May 3, 2010   TOLLROADSnews
Blog Post
Feb 1, 2010   By Todd Litman
Blog Post
Nov 2, 2009   By Todd Litman
We have just published a new report, "Smart Transportation Economic Stimulation: Infrastructure Investments That Support Strategic Planning Objectives Provide True Economic Development" which discusses factors to consider when evaluating transportation economic stimulation strategies. Blog Post
Feb 3, 2009   By Todd Litman
Economic stimulation is an important issue these days. Let's be smart when choosing economic stimulation strategies. Blog Post
Nov 30, 2008   By Todd Litman