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After seven months of work, Víctor Enrich has shared "NHDK", an enchanting exploration of how to rethink the everyday environments that surround us. The project is the artist's latest experiment in digital manipulation and provocation.
Dec 20, 2013   Web Urbanist
With 14 examples of pup houses designed by famous architects such as MVRDV, Toyo Ito, and, of course, Atelier Bow-Wow, Web Urbanist shows that avant garde architecture is, most definitely, for the dogs.
Dec 7, 2012   Web Urbanist
An underground nuke-proof second city, a massive 24-lane bridge across the Hudson, an elevated railway to the Statue of Liberty - these are amongst the futuristic visions for New York City shared by <em>Web Urbanist</em>
Jun 1, 2012   Web Urbanist
A new book by trained architect-turned photographer/pilot Alex MacLean captures the ironically suburban trappings of New York City's hidden rooftop world. <em>Web Urbanist</em> author Delana pens a review.
May 25, 2012   Web Urbanist
In this piece, <em>Web Urbanist</em> has compiled fourteen "smart & sensitive" design solutions for providing housing for the homeless.
Mar 21, 2012   Web Urbanist
Web Urbanist has published a fun post featuring examples of unconventional urban furniture. If you're tired of the same old boring bus benches and park picnic tables, these interactive, comfortable, and visually interesting pieces should inspire you.
Mar 14, 2012   Web Urbanist
The Web Urbanist counts down twelve of the best ultra modern home designs with a descriptive slideshow.
Nov 4, 2011   Web Urbanist
WebUrbanist covers a trend in urban habitats: urban house boats. In this piece they profile three particularly impressive works of architecture.
May 12, 2011   Web Urbanist
WebUrbanist.com has identified 11 of the most interesting modern urban rooftops in the world.
Mar 9, 2011   Web Urbanist
The Web Urbanist counts down the ten most hair raising airports. "Flying may be one of the safest methods of travel but it doesn't always look that way."
Jul 17, 2010   Web Urbanist
The Web Urbanist has compiled a gallery of fantastic designs for more sustainable urbanism.
Nov 25, 2008   Web Urbanist