Jose Corona of Inner City Advisors urges: to truly transform local neighborhoods, we must shift our attention to invest in enterprise scale, not start-ups, as a long-lasting solution for creating good jobs.
12 hours ago   Shelterforce Magazine
What is the relationship between car travel and health outcomes in the United States? Ariel Godwin and Anne Price challenge the claim that more time in the car decreases your health by looking at the impacts of education, income, and employment rates. Exclusive
Jan 16, 2012  By Anne Price
Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into a law two CEQA reform bills that will expedite the court review process for some job-creating projects. Joel R. Reynolds editorializes on the move's risk to the basic principles of CEQA.
Oct 5, 2011   The Sacramento Bee
A new report from the Brookings Institution lists the 30 most dynamic cities in the world -- cities that are recovering from the global economic downturn with growth in employment and income.
Dec 3, 2010   The Atlantic
Students nearing graduation are wondering about employment. Some already have jobs lined but many do not. While it is good to start looking, best advice is to graduate first as finishing up after you have a job Opinion
Mar 7, 2010   By Ann Forsyth
The short answer to the question about whether someone needs professional or activist planning experience before graduate school is yes! Opinion
Dec 1, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
In the United States the stimulus package will eventually kick in to create jobs for planners-in housing, transportation, design and such. However, in upcoming months students graduating from planning schools face a situation they typically had not Opinion
Apr 27, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
Some organizations believe they hold the key to fighting poverty--economic development in the inner cities, which will in turn bring in private investment. But others maintain that both are hard to come by simultaneously.
Feb 26, 2009   Miller-McCune
We have just published a new report, "Smart Transportation Economic Stimulation: Infrastructure Investments That Support Strategic Planning Objectives Provide True Economic Development" which discusses factors to consider when evaluating transportation economic stimulation strategies. Opinion
Feb 3, 2009   By Todd Litman
Economic stimulation is an important issue these days. Let's be smart when choosing economic stimulation strategies. Opinion
Nov 30, 2008   By Todd Litman
Appalachia, long known as one of the poorest parts of the U.S. with chronically high unemployment, finds itself in the enviable position of enjoying remarkably low unemployment due to unwavering demand for its main natural resource – coal.
Nov 28, 2008   The Wall Street Journal