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Renewable Energy World

John Farrell of Renewable Energy World explains how a shift to local, renewable energy sources and away from the current system of long-distance, coal-burning utilities will
Dec 1, 2011   Renewable Energy World
New requirements have made safety officials more aware of the safety issues surrounding the U.S.'s 84,000 dams. Problem is, there are fewer funds available to fix the mounting problems they find.
Oct 9, 2011   Renewable Energy World
Jennifer Runyon asks if environmentalists are doing the right thing by pushing regulations that make the cost of building renewable energy projects prohibitive.
Sep 25, 2011   Renewable Energy World
Stephen L. Cowell, an energy efficiency expert, says that while other careers are sputtering the business of creating savings by reducing energy consumption is going gangbusters.
Jan 10, 2011   Renewable Energy World
Renewable Energy World reports that think tanks are making hug strides in the efficiency of solar panels.
Jun 11, 2010   Renewable Energy World
One source of renewable energy isn't going to cut it; the future is in using multiple sources, and even combining them in a single power plant, says blogger jnshere.
Mar 29, 2010   Renewable Energy World
A new report from PikeResearch predicts the future for electric vehicles in 2010, including the prediction that hybrids will dominate the market.
Dec 24, 2009   Renewable Energy World
As the push for renewable energy increases, The Nature Conservancy points out that renewables need a lot of land to work and could cause "energy sprawl."
Sep 9, 2009   Renewable Energy World
The Portuguese Coast is one of the most energetic in the world, and is the first country to have a commercial-scale wave energy device in the water. Now, they're planning a "pilot zone" for expanding the technology.
Jul 13, 2009   Renewable Energy World
Stephen Lacey, host of the Inside Renewable Energy podcast, went to Iceland to see firsthand the country's geothermal infrastructure. The podcast is definitely worth a listen, and can be streamed directly off of the web page.
Nov 23, 2008   Renewable Energy World