All those toys under the Christmas tree came from somewhere.
Dec 25, 2014   The Washington Post
Robert David Sullivan writes that the Main Street America department store is a holiday tradition, a grand public crossroads for celebrating the season.
Dec 12, 2011   Boston Globe
Downtown Elizabethtown, North Carolina is in the middle of a huge redevelopment project, and customers were avoiding the mess causing a blue Christmas for shopowners. City Hall stepped in and put a hold on revitalization, and Santa is back in town.
Dec 25, 2010   WWAY3
For 21 years this urban St. Nick has been delighting visitors to the South Street Seaport in New York.
Dec 25, 2009   The New York Times
A friend of mine who's a biophysicist popped in to see me the other day.  He was all excited and showed me his "patent pending" letter for his newest invention. Blog Post
Dec 23, 2009   By Steven Polzin
Around the country, cities have been forced to scrimp by cutting back on holiday-themed light displays.
Dec 4, 2008   USA Today
Lionel is offering its first ever model subway set, recreating the New York subway system complete with station announcements and subway sounds.
Nov 28, 2008   The New York Times
Cities facing budget cuts are cutting back on Christmas decorations and events. Has the Grinch stolen Christmas?
Nov 11, 2008   The Wall St. Journal