housing values

A guest column for Quartz reveals the "Starbucks Effect" on real estate values as well as the method to the coffee vendors success.
Jan 30, 2015   Quartz
Housing devaluation and job loss are the two major problems affecting America's urban areas. But as this article from <em>Governing</em> explains, those two problems are playing out in drastically different ways from metro to metro.
Apr 22, 2010   Governing
Walkability is gaining ground in the determination of housing values.
Jan 12, 2010   The New York Times
According to some real estate data, there are more than 30 housing markets in the U.S. that are seeing increases in housing prices. Topping the list is Boulder, Colorado.
Aug 15, 2009   Business Week
Last week, voters in San Francisco voted against a measure to compel the city to set aside $30 million for affordable housing. Blog Post
Nov 6, 2008   By Michael Lewyn