Joel Kotkin

Many planners these days are promoting higher densities, especially in urban cores. Urban scholar Joel Kotkin inexplicably takes this trend to mean that a "cult" of planners favors bone-crushing crowds that would turn US cities into slums.
May 6, 2013   California Planning & Development Report
Joel Kotkin says that the recent Republican win in Massachusetts shows that suburban voters are in revolt against the Obama administration's urban-centric policies.
Jan 21, 2010   The American
Joel Kotkin explains why the Obama Administration's focus on transit is wrong-headed and doesn't do anything for the majority of Americans.
Sep 14, 2009   New Geography
John Petro counters Joel Kotkin's views that America's post-bubble housing policy should be "a renewed quest for homeownership."
Jul 2, 2009   DMIblog
Joel Kotkin derides urban boosters who have looked to external forces -- such as the mortgage meltdown -- to fuel an "urban renaissance", rather than looking at altering their own economic environments to be more attractive to investors.
Oct 31, 2008   New Geography