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Car Dealerships

2,300 auto dealerships have closed in the U.S. since 2009. 649 of those have been redeveloped, becoming lumberyards, schools, chain drug stores, and groceries.
Jul 6, 2010   The New York Times
As the auto industry evolves, the vast car lots that sprung up in many California towns over the past few decades are falling out of use. Cities are looking at new ways to reuse these spaces.
Feb 24, 2010   Los Angeles Times
Closed car dealerships across the country are finding new life as yoga studios, classrooms, and day care centers.
Dec 29, 2009   Gazette Times
Seems some developers are taking Planetizen's recent poll to heart and are looking at closing car dealerships as perfect locations for new, dense development.
May 26, 2009   The Boston Globe
The results are in! We asked for you ideas for reusing the empty car dealerships cropping up around the country. Urban gardens? Flying car launch pads? These ideas may seem far out, but the number one answer may surprise you. Exclusive
May 21, 2009  By Nate Berg
With the auto industry struggling and car dealerships closing shop, what future do you see for empty car lots? Vote on ideas submitted by the Planetizen community, or suggest your own. Exclusive
May 15, 2009  By Planetizen
Too important to fail? Victorville and Norco, CA have approved loans to local car dealers to keep them afloat.
Jan 27, 2009   The Wall St. Journal
Car dealerships -- long-sought by cities as big tax revenue generators -- are struggling in the economic downturn. Nearly 600 have closed this year, and another 100 are expected to shut down by the end of the year.
Oct 30, 2008   The Wall Street Journal