Gotham Gazette

Tom Angotti believes that community participation and neighborhood-level planning are key to a wider network of bike infrastructure in New York City.
Oct 26, 2011   Gotham Gazette
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to expedite natural oil gas drilling, or fracking, is too risky to rush. Even with environmental regulations in place, writes Eric Goldstein, there are too many "unresolved substantive issues" to resolve.
Oct 9, 2011   Gotham Gazette
A citywide brownfields recovery program in New York City has been cleaning up polluted sites, allowing new developments to move in on formerly vacant areas. But some worry the program is fueling gentrification.
Jun 1, 2011   Gotham Gazette
Brian Paul argues that developers have jumped on the transit-oriented development bandwagon without actually delivering true TOD.
Apr 23, 2010   Gotham Gazette
In this commentary, Tom Angotti questions if New York's sustainability plan can be effective if the process remains remains top-down and Mayor-controlled.
Apr 15, 2010   Gotham Gazette
New York City's long-term sustainability plan is coming up on its three-year anniversary. Tom Angotti says that now's the time to take its broad citywide efforts down to the neighborhood level.
Apr 15, 2010   Gotham Gazette
New legislation looks to boost the federal government's investment in urban parks for the first time in eight years.
Dec 5, 2009   Gotham Gazette
Anne Schwartz compiles recent studies on the economic value of parks, describing how an investment in parks by the city will result in a healthier urban economy.
Jun 27, 2009   Gotham Gazette