A new nonfiction book called "The Fires" reveals how The RAND Corporation suggested money-saving cuts for New York City that resulted in a season of deadly fires in the city's poorest neighborhoods.
May 15, 2010   BLDBLOG
Geoff Manaugh of BLDBLOG proposes that the future of building could include a permanently-installed 3D printer, constantly churning out new rooms.
May 3, 2010   BLDBLOG
The Klip House is a series of modular, prefab units that can be clipped together much like the binding on a ski boot, allowing homeowners to lease or own the home parts they need for their stage in life, then upgrade or downgrade when necessary.
Mar 27, 2010   BLDBLOG
Geoff Manaugh at BLDBLG talks about the role of the architecture student. Should they be allowed create experimental designs, even when the field of practice is so narrow it is unlikely they'll ever be able to design like that again?
Nov 1, 2009   BLDBLOG
A new iPhone App/public art experience allows the user to take a stroll through New York City and 'see' visionary buildings that never got built, ranging from Buckminster Fuller's dome to Antoni Gaudi's cathedral.
Oct 2, 2009   BLDBLOG
Matsys, an experimental architecture firm, used the book <em>Dune</em> as a starting point for its design of a terraced, sunken city form focused around preserving water.
Sep 19, 2009   BLDBLOG
Inspired by the revelation that Oakland, CA is stepping up their traffic and parking enforcement to make up a budget shortfall, Geoff Manaugh rethinks the entire process of how we fund our cities.
Aug 28, 2009   BLDBLOG
Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG looks at plans for a zoo in France made up of simulated environments, and wonders why we don't build simulated environments for humans.
Jun 30, 2009   BLDBLOG
Korean photographer Hosang Park's recent series exposes tiny, unknown 'parks' that are attached to housing developments around the world.
Feb 10, 2009   BLDBLOG
A new Google Maps mashup creates a visual representation of an atomic bomb dropped on your city.
Dec 27, 2008   BLDBLOG
Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin combines photos of wildly different buildings into new constructions of impossible architecture.
Nov 12, 2008   BLDBLOG