smart meters

To deal with its high pollution levels, which rank worse than the EU average, Madrid will implement a new parking fee system that charges more for the most polluting cars. Electric cars will park for free.
May 1, 2014   The Guardian
The millions of smart meters and grid sensors in operation across North America are providing a flood of information that utilities are still struggling to process. But changes in operations are already emerging, and potential uses grow by the day.
Sep 25, 2013   The Wall Street Journal
The city of Santa Clara is piggybacking on the installation of connected, smart utility meters to blanket the city in a publicly accessible, free, wireless network.
Apr 3, 2013   Gigaom
Some California residents complained that their energy bills spiked after smart meters were installed, while others are concerned about the antennas. Can these fears hinder the growth of smart meters in the state?
Aug 30, 2010   Grist
In an effort to track and reduce energy use, large buildings in New York City have been eligible for a system that monitors energy use by the hour. But few building owners have signed up.
Mar 11, 2010   The New York Times
Columnist Stephen Cunningham of the BBC believes that technology like smart meters in homes will provide the necessary reduction in CO2 to reduce global warming.
May 29, 2009   BBC News
The Wall St. Journal reviews the latest in smart technology for infrastructure, from vehicle infrastructure integration to smart utility meters.
Feb 18, 2009   Wall St. Journal
While they're still more common in Europe, 'smart' energy meters are gaining ground in the U.S. Southern California Edison recently announced plans to install 5.3 million smart meters by 2012.
Oct 8, 2008   The New York Times