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Study after study highlights writing as a major skill that planning employers are looking for in new hires. Blog Post
Oct 8, 2012   By Ann Forsyth
In coming weeks doctoral applications in planning are due. Why apply? Blog Post
Jan 5, 2011   By Ann Forsyth
Planning students are often told to find good information. How to do that is becoming both simpler, due to various search engines and databases, and more complex, given the amount of information available. Blog Post
May 31, 2010   By Ann Forsyth
For most planning programs in the U.S. this is the end of the semester. Having read literally hundreds of papers over the past few months I have reflected on the lessons of better papers for writing in planning. Blog Post
May 25, 2010   By Ann Forsyth
For many students graduate school is the time to learn how to write professional reports and memos. One of the skills many planning students seem eager to master is writing the content-free document. This kind of writing is a little tricky to do. Accordingly, in this last blog in my series on Blog Post
May 26, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
Terrorized by the literature is the title of a chapter of Howard Becker’s excellent book, Writing for Social Scientists (1986, Chicago). Whether through terror or misunderstanding, the literature review is one of the areas that students in planning find most confusing. While I have dealt with the literature review briefly in my blog on writing proposals, the tips below provide more detailed advice on how to compose a literature review and how to find important literature in the age of information overload.  Blog Post
Dec 20, 2008   By Ann Forsyth
What do planners do? Last month I highlighted the findingsof several surveys of planners aiming to identify core skills for theworkplace. They highlight the importance of skills in communication,information analysis and synthesis, political savvy, and basic workplacecompetencies and attitudes. Blog Post
Oct 1, 2008   By Ann Forsyth