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Jul 29, 2009   By Tamika Camille Gauvin
I am enjoying the last day of my Independent Activities Period (IAP) – the period after winter break in which all students at MIT can take one of many non-credit or for-credit course offerings at MIT, set up a winter externship, or just do nothing.  This amounts to six weeks of bliss! Blog Post
Feb 1, 2009   By Tamika Camille Gauvin
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Jan 4, 2009   By Tamika Camille Gauvin
Last Thursday night marked the end of an intense two-week team project in my Gateway: Planning (a kind of Introduction to Planning) course.  In this project, my classmates and I assumed the role of consultants to a fictitious working group of the real-life New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) and prepared and delivered oral briefings on key challenges to post-Katrina housing recovery.    Blog Post
Sep 29, 2008   By Tamika Camille Gauvin