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Sustainable design

To find Oregon's first energy-neutral building, you'll have to venture 45 minutes outside progressive Portland to the Willamette Valley town of Newberg. There you'll find a first step in an effort to change our physical and cultural environments.
Jul 24, 2012   Fast Company
The National Building Museum recently held a session on Sustainable Sites Initiative, which outlines voluntary guidelines for sustainable practices.
Jun 20, 2009   THE DIRT
Buildings are designed to ensure fully mechanized comfort. Architect Terri Meyer Boake argues that designers need to think in terms of a spectrum of comfort in designing the reduced-impact buildings of the future.
May 13, 2009   Treehugger
The results are in for the Annual Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge. The winning designs include robo-scooters, biocentres, and a "future map".
May 11, 2009   Seed Magazine
The American Institute of Architects' Committee on the Enviroment has named its selections for the best examples of last year of sustainable architecture and green design.
Apr 17, 2009   ArchiCentral