Christian Science Monitor

Scientists from the Santa Fe Institute have discovered basic patterns underlying the way cities have always grown. The mechanics of "urban scaling" may have something fundamental to tell us about how large settlements evolve.
Mar 1, 2015   Christian Science Monitor
This Colorado city and four others across the nation have made early moves toward sustainability, innovation, and clean technology.
Nov 25, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
Puerto Rico seems to be at the head of the pack in terms of jobs created by the federal stimulus bill. But the news isn't all sunny from the island territory, as the governor moves to slash thousands of public sector jobs.
Nov 4, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
Museums are transitioning from niche cultural sites to community hubs, and expanding their engagement with their cities.
Jul 23, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
Eoin O'Carroll, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, notes the plans to bulldoze neighborhoods in decaying American cities and wonders if all this waste couldn't be avoided in the future by building more pre-fab houses.
Jun 30, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
Affordable housing initiatives have stalled with the collapse of the market in tax credits which fund construction. Advocates are resting their hopes in the stimulus bill to turn things around.
Feb 6, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
China's Communist ruling party has agreed to allow farmers to transfer land use rights for farming. The plan is designed to consolidate landholdings, discourage uneconomic farmers, and boost rural incomes for 750 million people.
Oct 29, 2008   Christian Science Monitor
Portland, Oregon, has again been named the most sustainable city in the U.S. in a recent ranking.
Sep 23, 2008   Christian Science Monitor