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Creating livable streets starts at the grassroots level by gathering support from the community. Better Blocks Philly was a project that created temporary changes to streets, promoting the concept of the "complete street" for the residents.
Oct 27, 2011   Project For Public Spaces
In Modesto CA, a portion of sales tax is used to support the Local Transportation Fund (LTF) which is used for dial-a-ride, trains, and other transit services. Instead, the county wants to use this money for road fixtures.
Oct 10, 2011   American Planning Association
Because of President-elect Obama's plans to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure, some recent discussion of smart growth has focused on proposals for huge projects, such as rebuilding America's rail network. Blog Post
Dec 27, 2008   By Michael Lewyn
Occasionally, someone familiar with my scholarship asks me: why do you care about walkability and sprawl and cities? Why is this cause more important to you than twenty other worthy causes you might be involved in? Blog Post
Nov 20, 2008   By Michael Lewyn
Last Friday, I was in two different suburban environments in Atlanta. Both are sprawl by any normal definition of Blog Post
Sep 21, 2008   By Michael Lewyn