The recently retired Don Waldie, an impassioned observer and critic of metropolitan Los Angeles, spent his career finding ways for residents to participate to the civic process.
Nov 4, 2010   The Planning Report
Adam Christensen of IBM's Smarter Planet blog predicts five ways that cities are going to become smarter by networking their environment.
Dec 18, 2009   IBM's Smarter Planet blog
In recent months many planning students have graduated and are moving on to the next phase of life-jobs, internships, fellowships, and such. For many this will involve a move to a new place. Even Blog Post
Jun 29, 2009   By Ann Forsyth
More than anything, I remember laughing at them. While I, as a bright-eyed undergrad, woke up at 11 to enjoy my very liberal arts classes in everything from gerontology to the physics of music, the business students would trudge out the door in suits and ties. For class. In late-summer Philly humidity. Eighteen years old and already soulless pre-professional slaves. Poor bastards, I thought. Now that I’m in graduate school, two things keep the schadenfreude at bay as Wall Street drowns in its own excesses. One, karma’s a bitch. Blog Post
Sep 17, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg