In November 2013 I chaired a session called "Scholarly Blogging: What? Why?" at The Society for American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH) meeting in Toronto. Blog Post
Feb 18, 2015   By Dean Saitta
A meta-analysis of the archive of popular local planning website PlanPhilly provides insight into the issues and ideas that drive the planning conversation in Philadelphia.
Sep 10, 2014   PlanPhilly
The blog Greater Greater Washington has been instrumental in furthering the discussion of land use in D.C. Rachel Weiner profiles its controversial founder, David Alpert, whose lack of formal planning experience is no impediment to his ambitions.
Feb 11, 2013   The Washington Post
Washington's panoply of hyperlocal news media is filling the holes left by tradition outlets as web 2.0 expands. Since many of the local newspapers have folded, bloggers and other digital media have grown to cover matters at the local level.
Dec 4, 2010   Next American City
One of my first posts back in 2007 dealt with planning faculty blogs (see  Blog Post
Sep 16, 2010   By Ann Forsyth
Blog Post
May 27, 2009   By Chris Steins
Amid the citywide blight of Detroit is the City Airport neighborhood -- rife with crime and virtually deserted by residents. But now former residents have begun to write and blog about the neighborhood, its better times and its possible futures.
Dec 22, 2008   Utne Reader
So how do you permit and build a 4,000-mile undersea communication cable system? And why do we care? Blog Post
Apr 26, 2008   By Chris Steins
Rethinking College Park Blog Post
Feb 14, 2008   By Robert Goodspeed
With the coming of summer, students finish courses, faculty head off to do research, and practitioners think about vacations. Blog Post
May 29, 2007   By Ann Forsyth