Daniel Burnham

The Washington Post provides all the details, renderings, history, commentary, and more that one could want about Amtrak's proposed $7 billion investment in Daniel Burnham's historic Union Station.
Sep 20, 2014   The Washington Post
Aaron M. Renn reflects on the success of Daniel Burnham's plan of Chicago, and why. Perhaps it was the lack of government involvement in the planning process?
May 3, 2010   The Urbanophile
Nov 12, 2009  By Martha Frish
The 1909 Plan of Chicago is widely credited to Daniel Burnham. But Burnham's right-hand-man, Edward Bennett not only played a big role in writing the plan, he also helped put it into action.
Jul 7, 2009   Chicago Tribune
A thoughtful look at what made Daniel Burnham's plan for the City of Chicago so successful.
Apr 20, 2009   Urbanophile
A memorial to famed planner Daniel Burnham will be built on the lakefront in Chicago, and three finalists were recently chosen to design it. The designs haven't been made public yet, to the frustration of some locals.
Apr 6, 2009   Chicago Tribune
That's just one of the interesting tidbits in this celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Plan of Chicago and Daniel Burnham in The New Yorker.
Mar 4, 2009   The New Yorker
The author of this article expresses their concern for a potential Daniel Burnham memorial that does little to represent his ideas--or good planning.
Mar 4, 2009   Chicago Tribune
Anyone who has picked up a greeting card, coffee mug, or calendar in the past 100 years or so can recognize the sentiments of any number of great American environmentalists: Whitman and his yawp, Thoreau and his deliberateness, Frost and his serene decisiveness. Blog Post
Feb 4, 2009   By Josh Stephens
One of Chicago architect Daniel Burnham's lesser-known achievements was a rethinking of the National Mall, bringing ideas- like a reflecting pool- from his designs for the Columbian Exhibition of 1893.
Jan 20, 2009   Chicago Tribune
Besides Chicago, another Daniel Burnham-planned city is turning 100. Baguio City in the Philippines will turn 100 in 2009, and local planners are trying to apply urban reform elements from Burnham's original plan in time for the celebration.
Nov 15, 2008   Philippine Daily Inquirer