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City staff recently released revised first-day ridership projections for a proposed subway in Vancouver. The numbers seem astronomical and a strong support for the cause. But can the project get the finding it needs?
May 15, 2014   Globe and Mail
As part of its ongoing series on Canada's aging population, the Globe and Mail looks at what is being done to adapt cities for a large cohort of senior citizens.
Jan 12, 2011   Globe and Mail
An internal Statistics Canada simulation of a voluntary census -- conducted prior to the federal government's announcement that the mandatory long form census would be scrapped -- reveals serious concerns over potential inaccuracies.
Sep 10, 2010   Globe and Mail
The City of West Vancouver is piloting a new program to help drivers slow down for the back to school season: they are projecting a hologram onto the road featuring a young girl running after a ball to call attention to driving safety.
Sep 8, 2010   Globe and Mail
Vancouver's streets are buzzing with a new wave of street food vendors, part of a pilot program to expand formalized informal commerce downtown.
Jul 15, 2010   Globe and Mail
With Haiti's capital city in ruins, and emergency response still underway, rebuilding efforts are a ways off. But the rebuilding following recent disasters may provide guidance, writes Mark MacKinnon.
Jan 18, 2010   Globe and Mail
The global economic crisis and rapidly dropping oil prices are spelling trouble for the alternative energy sector.
Nov 15, 2008   Globe and Mail
Decades of plans and interventions have failed to improve the Downtown East Side of Vancouver, one of Canada's most notorious neighbourhoods. The two mayoral candidates have very different visions for the DETS.
Oct 29, 2008   Globe and Mail
Some Canadian communities are seeing their local economies thriving despite -- or is it because of? -- the presence of Wal-Mart.
Oct 26, 2008   Globe and Mail
Canadians went to the polls yesterday and re-elected Stephen Harper's Conservative Party -- which downplayed environmental issues -- while rejecting the "Green Shift" carbon tax plan of the Liberal Party.
Oct 16, 2008   Globe and Mail
The municipal bond market is drying up, which is causing Canadian cities to rethink their budgeting for infrastructure projects.
Oct 13, 2008   Globe and Mail