The semester has kicked into high gear and I am drowning in a sea of reading, written assignments,map-making, and special projects. Once in a while, I manage to emerge and dock (I know, enough of the nautical metaphors) at a lecture – or as in the last couple of weeks – at acon Blog Post
Apr 1, 2009   By Tamika Camille Gauvin
The United States has been reborn. The election of Barack Obama has put – or reintroduced – the United States to the world stage as a beacon of hope for all people. We have proven that we believe Blog Post
Nov 5, 2008   By Tamika Camille Gauvin
One of the most interesting things that I have learned in school thus far is the history of the urban renewal program.  As a budding urban planner, I have often used the term "urban renewal" interchangeably with "urban revitalization" to describe the process of neighborhood imp Blog Post
Oct 13, 2008   By Tamika Camille Gauvin
Blog Post
Sep 11, 2008   By Tamika Camille Gauvin