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What follows is a cautionary tale of how quickly downtown investment can go astray.
Apr 4, 2015   Winnipeg Free Press
Winnipeg's centrally-located and historic Osborne Village has topped the Canadian Institute of Planners' Great Places in Canada contest.
Apr 27, 2012   Winnipeg Free Press
In occupied cities across North America, sanitation and noise concerns, as well as conflicts over scheduled public uses of parks, are leading to official efforts to end the protests.
Oct 27, 2011   Winnipeg Free Press
Recent developments in Winnipeg's historic warehouse district are coming under scrutiny after the district was places on an "Endangered Places" list.
Aug 13, 2010   Winnipeg Free Press
With some construction projects behind schedule, municipal governments are asking the Harper government to extend their "spend-it-or-lose-it" deadline of March 31 2011.
Aug 10, 2010   Winnipeg Free Press
Locals in some of the smaller towns of British Columbia are skeptical that they will see the economic benefits of the this year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Jan 31, 2010   Winnipeg Free Press
The government of Manitoba hopes to take advantage of Winnipeg's location near the geographic centre of North America to build an "inland port" to funnel imports through the continent on improved highways and rail links.
Sep 13, 2008   Winnipeg Free Press