Transition Towns

Alex Steffen weighs the challenges of Transition Towns and, instead, advocates for bright green, optimistic democracy.
Oct 30, 2009   WorldChanging
The Transition Town movement has spread to 150 towns in 14 countries. David Bollier of <em>On The Commons</em> takes a look at how these towns are making the shift towards locally-produced food and reduction in energy use.
Jul 1, 2009   On The Commons
Locals in Sandpoint, Idaho are banding together to join the Transition movement, which started in the U.K. and is geared towards creating new, ecologically-planned communities to survive peak oil and climate change.
Apr 20, 2009   The New York Times
The "Transition Towns" movement -- a grassroots initiative to develop local energy and economic self-reliance -- is gathering momentum, especially in the UK.
Sep 11, 2008   Guardian (UK)